"Best Family Lawyer in San Diego!"

    Vera Livingstone is hands down, the BEST family court lawyer out there. Words can't even express how overjoyed I am with her work. Going to court is a stressful process, especially if it's something you've never been through before. Vera, however, made everything so easy! I had just left a domestically abusive relationship and needed protection for both my newborn and I. Vera sprung into action an assisted me in retaining a restraining order. From here, she continued to impress me with her litigation skills and work ethic. Filing all paperwork and evidence to support my case right away. I was never left in the dark, she kept me updated on everything relating to court. When it came to presenting my case, I was left in complete shock. Vera is a BEAST in the courtroom. Not only does she have a good rapport with the court but her professionalism and ability to think quick on her feet was impressive. In addition to this, the way she fought for my son and I. Truly, I was left in complete amazement. Never in my life, have I've witnessed anyone defend and protect me as well as Vera did. She put my mind at ease and gave me a sense of confidence throughout this whole process. I got everything I wanted! I couldn't have done any of this without the help of Vera Livingstone. I highly recommend that everyone hire her to be their lawyer. I promise, she will not disappoint.

    - Miranda
    "We highly recommend her service."

    Vera is awesome! Even though we are located out of the area, she was still able to provide us with crucial information and took the time out of her hectic schedule to review our concerns. Her vast knowledge of family situations in the courtroom really gave us a clear perspective on what could happen and what to be prepared for! We highly recommend her service.

    - Previous Client
    "Above & Beyond"

    This woman went above and beyond in my time of need she provided me with my rights to help calm me down. When dealing with crazy people trying to grasp onto your child by taking you to court is heartbreaking. She took time out of her 10 hour day work schedule to help. For free.

    - Previous Client
    "Very Knowledgeable"

    On November 30, 2012 I contacted Vera for a consultation. She was very friendly and professional. She made me feel comfortable and at ease as though I had known her for years. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions and welcomed me to give her a call back if needed. I would definitely recommend her as a lawyer.

    - Previous Client
    "She really had my back."

    Vera is always available and knowledgeable. She is kind and caring through a most difficult situation. She really does have your best interest at heart and is ready and willing to fight for you. Even though I decided not to go through with a divorce at this time. She didn’t make me feel bad about my decision not to continue. I felt like she really had my back. If and when the time comes she will be the person I will want to handle my case. I would definitely refer her to anyone in need.

    - Previous Client
    "I can tell that the judge has a lot of respect for her and for her words."

    Vera is very experienced. It's hard to find a lawyer like her! I love her court presentations! She's pleasant and direct to the point. I provided her with lots of information, but she carefully selects her talking points. I can tell that the judge has a lot of respect for her and for her words. I can't speak highly enough for Vera. She is also very hardworking, professional, caring and honest! She has a professional team: Mr. Barnes is professional and helpful!

    - Siu
    "You simply will not find a more competent and compassionate lawyer than Vera."

    I am a licensed attorney who hired Vera to handle my own custody move-away case based on a referral from a friend. By the time Vera became involved, I had already received rulings that made my chances of prevailing at trial pretty slim. This did not deter Vera. She took my case, gave me hope, and showed me so much compassion. Vera spent the time to get up to speed, she made sense of all the evidence, and took her time getting to know me and the issues in the case. She was a fierce advocate in court, not only for me, but also for what was in the best interest of my son. She made sure my voice was heard. I ultimately prevailed at trial because of Vera's knowledge, skill, and experience in family law. I highly recommend Vera and owe her a great debt for what she was able to achieve for me and my son. As a lawyer myself and having met many lawyers, I feel confident in saying: you simply will not find a more competent and compassionate lawyer than Vera.

    - Alexa
    "She is truly worth her weight in gold."

    She handled my dissolution case with class. She allowed me to be free of worries and stress by dealing with all the paperwork. She is truly worth her weight in gold. She is an excellent lawyer, and pushes for what is best for you and family. Amazing work and amazing legal team. Thank-you!

    - Kristabel
    "Nice and polite throughout my cases."

    Extremely happy with Vera's work. She has helped so much and has always been nice and polite throughout my cases.

    - Arturo
    "She was compassionate about what I was going through."

    I hired Vera to deal with a very difficult situation that arose in my private life. From the beginning, I could tell that she had the necessary experience and toughness to deal with my case. At the same time, she was compassionate about what I was going through which really helped me to recover from a traumatic personal situation. I intend to hire her again next year to take care of another family law issue. Can’t recommend her highly enough

    - Previous Client
    "I would recommend her to anyone that needed a great lawyer."

    Great person and lawyer to use. Vera took over my case from another lawyer, fixed everything that wasn't right, and did everything needed to win my case. I would recommend her to anyone that needed a great lawyer.

    - John
    "She allowed me to ask questions and was very knowledgeable in her answers."

    I did an initial consultation with Vera, and she was extremely helpful! She was very well organized and gave me a great overview of some things I can expect with my separation. She allowed me to ask questions and was very knowledgable in her answers and provided helpful feedback. Her personality is a great fit, and she is definitely someone I will want to work with if needed through this situation. I feel way more informed and at ease after only talking to her once.

    - SY
    "I highly recommend her and her firm."

    Vera Livingstone handled my divorce situation with great care. She represented me well and managed the negotiations with great skill. I highly recommend her and her firm.

    - Fred
    "She clearly knew what she was doing and helped me get a permanent restraining order."

    I was put in contact with Vera for help getting a restraining order, and I couldn’t be happier with her services. She was so kind, knowledgeable, caring. She helped me out so much with not only the case, but the courage to take my life back. When it got dragged out to a full day of court, she was readily prepared and very professional. She clearly knew what she was doing and helped me get a permanent restraining order. I would definitely recommend her services and will call her whenever I need a lawyer next.

    - Ellie